Friday, October 23, 2015

Diagnosis Worth Waiting For

As you know, we have been working on getting Braden a proper diagnosis(apparently we need more than one here for them to even test him for a IEP! Maybe they were just pulling my leg). We've been doing tests, evaluations, and things of the sort since April. They ruled out Autism and other disorders, but we kept coming back to ADHD. So right now, he is formally diagnosed with ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder - not otherwise specified, and language processing issues. He will be seeing a speech therapist to be formally diagnosed with the language problem. He's got a hearing test coming up, it's possible he can't hear that well, but a lot of the time it seems he hears us bur can't process what we said. I e-mailed his teacher as soon as I got home Wednesday, asking what she wants to do as far as a plan goes. Do we want to evaluate or what? She has yet to reply. She normally does, but now I'm betting they want to drag their feet. Hopefully not, because she generally seemed to care.

I'm hoping whatever we get started will carry over with us when we PCS to Colorado. But for now, this is the foot in the door. Let's hope we can get some help for him!

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